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Fairspace Bavity Bavity II Merv City Guardian
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Fairspace : Genesis for the PC

Please Visit the Forums and Help to Improve Fairspace

Fairspace is an MMORPG based in a vast persistent universe. Fairspace has the following key features:-

Thousands of players to interact with.

Twitch Based combat.

Huge Continuous universe, You can fly from one end to the other without docking.

You can have Multiple Ships Docket around the universe and switch between them.

Manage your characters allegiance to allow you to dock and trade with lots of different races around the universe.

Fight and loot other players.

Mine mineral clouds and suns for there precious materials.

Buy and Sell cargo between planets, find the best trade routes.

Perform missions.

Take on long term Quests.

Be good or bad, the choice is yours.


Fairspace is available on steam. Thank you to everyone who has played and tested the game over the past few years, Your help is much appreciated. You will be able to login to your existing account using the steam version of the game.

Fairspace is developed by S-Sub-Orbital Software a one man independent develop team, Some resources in the game are licenced or have been given freely, All are credited.





Fairspace Update - Febuary 12/2014

Fairspace Update

Remove heat post process.

ReWrite Bloom shader and VBO Processing.

Amend particle system to support depth/soft particles.

Enviroment system for rendering clouds.

Implment SDL for joysticks.

Update all docking graphics ( more to do )

Convert textures to procedural textures.

Various other tweaks.



Fairspace Update - August 12/2013

Fairspace Update

Small update to improve handling of space stations

Tractor beam range improved for stations and cap ships

Hud distance's now work correctly, thanks isec for spotting that



Fairspace Update - August 04/2013

Fairspace Update

Rebalance allot of things. Added allot of variation to ships.

Created more station weapons and names allot of stations

Reduce AI to level 5 and again to level 10 to make it easier for new players.

Restrict the hard missions for new players, Only leaving the easy ones visible.

Amendment to the Cargo issue.

Corrected annoying getting back into battle messages on missions



Fairspace Update - July 28/2013

Fairspace Update

Clear waypoint key now clears all waypoints and targeted entities. This is configurable on the settings screen.

Sol command space stations now appear in nebula's and clouds throughout the game. ( little more tweaking to do on landing graphics ).

Bug that locks in a mission waypoint has been fixed.

Laser damage on buyable space stations has been reduced, Damage is now distance based.

Laser range on dock able space stations has been increased.

Cargo but and sell bug on large cargo holds has been fixed.

Additional button for fill cargo hold has been introduced.

Instructions have been added to the interface, Question marks can be hovered over to reveal hints.

Space stations can now be purchased from level 25 upwards.



Fairspace Update - July 14/2013

Fairspace Update

Quests no longer popup when you dock at planets, instead they are added to the job board when available.

General interface has been scalled to appear less cluttered

Interface updated to have extra effects, trying to make it pretty

Interface colour options have been removed to allow me greater flexability in updating the interface.

Database explorer allowing users to find the best ships and equipment

Hud control updated again for power and shields etc.

Docking screen changed to a more formal trextual layour

Space stations have been enabled, However they may be overpowered so this may change

Some internal security changes to enable me to balance the game without releasing updates



Fairspace Update - May 21/2013

Fairspace Update

Ships have been rescaled to improve the graphics during combat, This helps show of the engines normal mapping.

Hyperjumping distance is severely reduced when inside of a debret field, You can still jump in but getting out will take time.

Looting missions within nebulars are now fully enabled, These will provide better than normal tech units for your ship's.

A red X is now shown on the map where you last died, This is to aid you in recovering any dropped loot during combat.

Cap ships show transparent when in freelook, This is to aid in combat.

Another Hud update, Feedback would be appreciated on this.

General interface update with a few effects thrown in here and there.

Some star systems have been adjusted and items have been moved around a little.

Mall has been removed as it served no real purpose.



Fairspace Update - April 28/2013

Fairspace Update

small corrections to the recent race updates.

New skyboxes arround the univers

Ship turn rates amended across the board

Small soundfx fix for engines

Allways allow at least 3 missions at each location

more work on autoupdate system.

Equipment and Ship screen now show property graphs to show how good the property is compared to others of the same class



Fairspace Update - April 10/2013

Fairspace Update

10 New systems and races have been added to the universe

New graphic for radar, targeting and loading screen.

New models added (but not activated)

New missions added ( but not activated )

Bugs in job system fixed.

Bugs in Docking with wormhols fixed.



Fairspace Update - March 31/2013

Fairspace Update

A small update both to test the automatic updater ( worked fine ) and increase the money cap from 3 billion to a whole lot more, A small fix that could cause a crash has been fixed in the loot managemnt.



Fairspace Update - March 23/2013

Fairspace Update

A Major rendering update with several general improvements thrown in for good measure.



Fairspace Update - JANUARY 31/2013

Fairspace Update

A new optional Update is available, This can be installed by simply downloading and reinstalling fairspace.


Buying large quantities of commodities has been fixed.

Ship Views are improved.

Total cash caped at 3 billion, Until next protocol update.

Equipment resale values reduced to encourage inter player trading.

Kills of ships less that 10 levels lower are no longer counted.

Jump points can be set outside of maximum jumpable zone, You will jump to the nearest point available.

Bold fonts to default to off

Some other small bug fixes.



Fairspace Update - JANUARY 26/2013

Fairspace Update

Both the client and server have been updated.


Improve network connection and stability

Rebalanced starting area

Rebalanced missions for new players

Server Diagnostics improved

Some other small bug fixes.



Fairspace Update - JANUARY 20/2013

Fairspace Update.

Both the client and server have been updated, This is a first pass at doing a live update, So im not sure if its going to be successfull. Please let me know if you have any issues.


Sun rendering improvements

Network protocol Improved

AI reduction in damage

Messages directly from interface with {enter} key.

All comodited reduced in price as trading was too easy.



Fairspace Update - JANUARY 17/2013

Fairspace is now on steam greenlight, I have had some valuable feedback, some of which I will take on board asap.

Allowing text messaging from within the interface without bringing up the communication windows.

Loot drops from AI->AI contacts will be reduced. ( Not so much free stuff floating about ).

Trading And commodity pricing to be reduced, It was too easy to make money.

Gaining XP from mining will be introduced.

These changes will be launched saturday and will automaticly update.


Fairspace Update - JANUARY 2013

Contrails on ships.

Allow NPC's to bring ships out of warp that pass by.

Amend the way smoke trails work.

Billboard colour interpolation and rotation introduced.

Amend AI intelligence to avoid smashing into planets.

Increase the amount and variety of equipment.

Create a list of random spawn points for new characters.

Improve rewards for quests.

Add extra rendering modes when viewing maps ( zones, allegiances )

Hud changed for power, core, hull and shield.

Hud created for radar - 4 different zoom modes.

Mission enemies show slightly different colour to distinguish from normal enemies.

Integrate Awesomium Web browser into engine, surf any time during play.

Ships are automatically set to your characters level.

Capital and trading ships are restricted to higher levels.

Punished by loss of some cargo when you die.

Introduce a challenge system that helps you gain more xp.

Allow cash to be dropped in space.

Introduce global auto messages about other users, join/leave and die.

Characters who shoot you show differently and have a flashing box around them.

Remove the hit shells around ships, didn't like the look of it.

Introduce a skills tree to gain extra skills as your level rises.

Hyperspace jump adjustment to use fov to better effect.

Allow ships to have items attached that are up to 10 levels higher.

Equipment list colourises locked items green is good, red is bad.

Debret rendering improved.

General warnings and hints when docking.

Improve rendering of large prompts and errors.

Fix mouse transparency issues.

Improve rendering of explosions

Improve ships textures and general graphic enhancements.

Network protocol change to switch when less than 100 players


Fairspace Update - DECEMBER 2012

I am now only waiting to get a Digital Code Signing Signature to ensure the safety of my downloads, Once this is sorted the update will be released. In the mean time I will continue testing and tweaking.


Fairspace Update - NOVEMBER 2012

There is a significant update to Fairspace Due soon, A mass of changes have been done and tested. However the next set of changes effect the character and network code So I will be taking Fairspace down for a few weeks while I Implement and test these changes.

Unfortunately this means that I will be wiping the character database and loosing all the previous history as the game moves from Beta to Release status.


Fairspace Update - May 2012

New Client now supports automatic updates.

Latency checks improved.

Comunications now spread the whole galaxy.

All others users are now visible on the map.

Torpedo Damage has been fixed.

Collision detections has been improved.

Option to delete waypoint.

Disable transitions Now skips docking cut scene.

Jump Hole graphic completely changed.

Billboard optimizations.

Hovering over a planet on the map now shoes level aswell as name.

Some tweaks to mouse wheel usage.

Lens flares fixed under certain circumstances.


Fairspace Update - November 28/2011

Updated music.

Some slight tweaking.


Fairspace Update - October 23/2011

Post processing heat effect.

Post processing screen damage.

Camera shake during hit sequences.

Asset file introduced to make updates easier.

Explotions revisited again.

Pixel shaders updated for hud icons.


Fairspace Update - September 12/2011

Single player quest system implemented.

Explotion changes.

Atmosphere Rendering Change.


Fairspace Update - August 28/2011

Keyboard fixes.

crash on console/job selection


Fairspace Update - August 20/2011

Security fixes.

Encryption Fixes.

Keyboard control fixes.

Spelling of wheel fixes.

WideScreen Fixes.

Quest character space allocated.

Character database reset.


Fairspace Update - July 09/2011

Keyboard verification.

Modify Button Visuals

Compress installed size.

Soundfx for ship engines.

Target Shevrons base from centre of screen.

Fixed torps.

Modified consumable purchases.

Improved Actor interpolation.

Collision detection improved.

Improved font rendering


Fairspace Update - June 15/2011

New Title music

Adjusted hud shevron controls

changed default windows alpha

changed font rendering significantly

altered button visuals

changes default saber for faster refire and lower energy for testing.

Reduced install size by about 30%


First beta release Late may 2011

First beta release Late may 2011.

adjustment to hud, targeting controls and bullet impact colouring, left mouse controls.

map visuals for stars.


Posted By :Bobalot on 02/17/2014 07:32:54

Hi Jetison333,  I don\'t have the resources to do mac at present, However I have a plan to migrate the source code to something called java.asm that could potentially run on anything. However its early days.
I have heard of pc games running on macs in something called wine, I don\'t see why this wouldn\'t work !

Posted By :Jetison333 on 02/17/2014 04:14:57

do you think you could release this on mac? or if there is a way to run on a mac could you tell me? thanks!

Posted By :bobalot on 01/19/2013 08:48:51

I have now reduced the AI Hit damage which shold make it easier.  I was having a similar problem playing last night.
I will review the zone\'s and levels.

Thanks for the feedback.

Posted By :cdaragorn on 01/19/2013 05:19:59

I just wanted to say that this game looks interesting, but there is really one major flaw that removes any interest I have in playing it for now, at least.

The combat is impossible.  I\'m a big fan of games that use similar controls to this (freelancer), and the fact is that a new player never gets a chance to progress at all because he\'s constantly being blown up.  It seems as if the enemy AI really needs to be toned down, especially at lower levels.  The difference between a low level enemy and higher levels should be more than just the equipment they\'re using against you, they shouldn\'t be very good at fighting you, either, but your AI all seems to have the same skill, regardless of level.

There\'s also the fact that you have enemies of just about all levels roaming around everywhere.  There really needs to be at least some difference between a beginner area and harder areas.

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